Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Apple Finally Breaks Silence on Their Apple iPhone XR and XS, Vice President Reveals The Meaning of Letter ‘R’ and ‘S’

IPhone XR

Just like other Apple iPhones with slightly upgraded or downgraded models denote something such as the letter  ‘S’, we now finally know what the letter ‘R’ from iPhone XR stands for.

Apple’s Vice President of the marketing department, Phil Schiller himself said a word on it. He stated that iPhone XR and iPhone XS or just other iPhones with some letter are just normal letters and it has no special meaning to it.

But he also said,” I love cars and things that go fast, and ‘R’ and ‘S’ both letters used to denote sports cars that are really extra special”.

For some, this might be disappointing as they thought the letter ‘S’ stands for ‘Speed’ but that’s not the case. And finally, theories which stated that ‘R’ stands for ‘ Reduced’ or ‘Regular’ are proved to be false.

In past, the Apple iPhone 5C was a great topic of debate as it came with all the available colours as well as it had the letter ‘C’, and so all the theories suggested that the letter ‘C’ stands for ‘Colour’ which is again false as pointed out by Apple’s VP.

Other than this, Now the Apple iPhone XR will be officially available for pre-order starting from October 26 so stay tuned for more coverage on that device.

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