Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Open Hole Camera Technology is Suggested to Be The New Trend of Next Year

Display Hole Tech

Just After Notch display as the trend of 2018, the new trend of 2019 is said to be the open hole camera technology.

This year the notch display trend was started by Apple and then all Android and other Chinese manufacturer adopted it and tried to make it much more minimal.

This time around the story is different, a trusted leakster Ice Universe teased a picture showing what is supposed to be the trend of next year. It is said that this type of design is said to be adopted by many smartphone manufacturers.

The picture shows an open hole camera technology in a smartphone which is said to replace the notch design. Now we have seen many smartphone companies trying to make the notch smaller and minimal but this is something we have never seen before.

At first, it looks ugly as if it’s some kind of a defect in our smartphone but if we think this might be legit and can be a great idea to implement a front-facing camera at the same time featuring a large edge-to-edge display.

Now if we look the leaked pictures, there are three different positioning of the camera, first is on the top mid and the second is on the top left and the last render shows the positioning on the top right-hand side. All these pictures show the way in which the open hole camera can be mounted.

So if this is actually the design which big OEMs adopt then it will be interesting to see it. As well as it will be a new trend which all other smartphone manufacturers will rush for, but all that matters is that the end customer will be benefited from this.


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