Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Essential Has Reportedly Cancelled The Production For The Essential Phone 2

Most popularly known as the “Father Of The Android”, Andy Rubin literally created a storm in the technology industry when he announced his own venture in the ever growing smartphone industry dubbed the “Essential“. This new smartphone brand was launched or supposed to be the new Google Nexus but with a “Stock Android” system and much more premium design. The company’s first smartphone called the “Essential Phone 1″ that was officially launched in August 2017 created a ton of hype and anticipation in the Tech Market. However, the smartphone didn’t live upto it’s expectations and anticipation and as a result the company has now reportedly cancelled the production for the Phone’s successor known as ‘Essential Phone 2′.

According To Some Recent Reports, The Company Is Reportedly Up For A Sale As Well and is actively looking in the market for a buyer. However, many reports have even said that no talks are happening for the sale of the company. Nonetheless, if the sale does takes place, the company is looking forward to selling everything such as it’s patents, hardware and almost all of the upcoming projects. Apart from all this the company is even planning to shift it’s employees to the new brand that buys it.

After all of this, it seems Essential is still looking forward to making innovative and revolutionary products for the technology market, except just “Smartphones” for the time being. According to Bloomberg, the company’s second smartphone that was reportedly named as the “Essential Phone 2″ wont ever see the day of light as all the engineers of the smartphone company have entirely shifted their focus to an all new and innovative smart home product.

essentialphonehandson_13 Essential Has Reportedly Cancelled The Production For The Essential Phone 2 PHONE NEWS UPCOMING PHONES
Essential Phone 2

As of now, this smart home product from Essential is most probably expected to be a ‘Smart Speakeras’ the market for smart speakers is becoming really big and also because the company announced a year ago that it will be launching a competitor to the Amazon Echo and now as there are no plans for any new smartphones in the near future, A Smart Speaker appears to the next most reasonable product by the company to be launched in ever growing technology space. The company is still looking forward to staying in the growing smartphone industry as they Reportedly would contract the famous smartphone Manufacturer “Foxconn” mainly in order to handle most of the developments in the “smartphone segment” of the brand.

In an official statement recently issued by “Essential”, they also confirmed the news:

We always have multiple products in development at the same time and we embrace canceling some in favor of the ones we think will be bigger hits. We are putting all of our efforts towards our future, game-changing products, which include mobile and home products.

The company’s first smartphone wasn’t received very well by the consumers and despite of the great reviews for it’s build quality, the Essential Phone 1 had a pretty disappointing camera and a really buggy UI/UX. As a result, the smartphone barely managed to sell even 150,000 Units since it went on sale in around Mid August. The company also promised a lot of amazing things about the “Essential Phone 1″ but failed remarkably in many key aspects of the smartphone. So it will really be quite interesting to see what “Essential” brings next to the cut throat technology industry.

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