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The OnePlus 6 With 6.28 Inch Notched Display, Snapdragon 845 And Dual Rear Camera Set-Up Is Now Globally Official

OnePlus 6OnePlus 6

The Latest Flagship Smartphone To Be Made By the Chinese Smartphone Giant “OnePlus” is the OnePlus 6 Smartphone, reportedly proclaimed by the company as ‘Their Greatest Smartphone’ Till Date. The OnePlus 6 packs in some really high-end specifications such as a 6.28 inch display with a pixel resolution of 2280×1080 and an aspect ratio of 19:9, a beast Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, a dual camera setup consisting of a Sony Sony IMX519 sensor for around a full minute 480 FPS slo-mo video, and for the very first time in a OnePlus Smartphone, an amazing full all in-glass Corning gorilla glass 5 design. According to an official OnePlus Rep, the OnePlus Community of smartphone users wanted an astonishingly good design on their new flagship smartphone OnePlus 6 along with more screen, a very much long lasting battery and also high performance that basically means the “OnePlus” Users wanted what is the very best in the ever growing smartphone market. This very much clearly means that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor must obviously be there along with a great dual camera system, vibrant screen and other high-end features that are normally seen on a flagship.

The OnePlus 6 Sport a 6.28 inch AMOLED display along with an amazing resolution of 2280×1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19:9. The smartphone also features a great display notch and a rectangular biometric scanner on the rear side just under neath the camera department mainly in order to maximize the screen to body ratio. This time, it seems like “OnePlus” has gone in with full enthusiasm for enabling a notch design, much to the dismay of a really big group of users, the company has still kind of Incorporated a ‘Notch Black’ feature on the latest flagship smartphone in order to remove the top bar and gradually replace it with a set of some great icons. It is also very important to note that many of the different notch options on the saturated smartphone market went for an entirely different arrangement of both the camera and speaker implementatios, however considering the size of OnePlus Company, they decided to play in a much safer zone with a very basic standard speaker grille along with a great front facing selfie camera in the typical usual position for all the selfie lovers out there.

Under The Hood, the amazing OnePlus 6 smartphone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC that according to the OnePlus, the latest oneplus 6 smartphone is using in it’s basic default configuration. In an official statement issued by OnePlus it is said that the company has also tested many techniques mainly in order to much significantly improve the lag and also the responsiveness of the smartphone over a long period of time. Although, how has it been done has not yet been disclosed by the company, however the company has confirmed that there haven’t put special “benchmark” modes on the latest phones. Oneplus has praised a +30% performance boost on the OnePlus 6 over the ‘OnePlus 5T‘, that has been reportedly combined with using almost 30% less power at the exact same time. The OnePlus 6 is backed by a battery capacity of 3300mAh along with Dash Charge for faster charging, also used on both the ‛5′ and ‛5T’ smartphones. The Storage chips on the latest flagship OnePlus 6 smartphone are dual-lane and also based on the UFS Version 2.1 flash storage specification.

The OnePlus 5 Smartphone Was the first device from the company that featured a dual rear camera system. The OnePlus 5T followed the same tradition and now the latest flagship smartphone in-line is also looking to take this tradition even further. The dual rear camera setup on OnePlus 6 features a primary sensor of 16MP Sony IMX 519 whereas the secondary sensor features a 20MP Sony IMX 376K. Both the camera sensors have an aperture of f/1.7. The front facing camera features a 16MP Sony 371 along with an aperture of f/2.0. The Electronic image stabilization feature is present on both the front facing camera and the primary rear camera, however the primary rear camera also comes with the optical image stabilization also popularly known as (OIS). In terms of the camera software, the smartphone cones with an improved HDR algorithm much popularly known as the “Advanced HDR.” The Portrait mode will also be available on both the front and rear cameras of the OnePlus 6. Also bokeh effects such as circles, hearts, and stars can also be added to the Portrait Mode selfies. The OnePlus 6 Smartphone will be the very first device by “OnePlus” to include a feature for slow-motion video recording such as 1080p at 240fps and the 720p at 480fps, that is overall really truly amazing.

oneplus-6-official-3-770x513 The OnePlus 6 With 6.28 Inch Notched Display, Snapdragon 845 And Dual Rear Camera Set-Up Is Now Globally Official OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED PHONE LEAKS PHONE NEWS UPCOMING PHONES
OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 Smartphone is made up of an All Glass body unlike it’s predecessors. The Horizon line is reportedly present on almost all the four edges of the device, in turn making the curves quite much more noticeable. The company also reportedly claims that the main reason for opting for an glass body was to make the network connectivity of the device much better. For those of you who don’t know about the fragility of the glass, smartphone has an extra layer of the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides for added protection. The bottom side of the device features a great bottom-firing speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB Type-C port. The left side of the smartphone consists of a power button and volume keys. The alert slider has been moved to the right hand side of the device. The dual rear camera system on the back side are vertically mounted along with an LED flashlight and a great biometric sensor underneath the camera. The smartphone is also available in three color variants such as the amazing Mirror Black, Midnight Black and the Silk White. The mirror black variant has a thin layer sense of the film just underneath glass in order to give it an actual sense of depth. The midnight color variant has a matte finish along with a 0.1mm layer of film with a jagged texture mainly to produce an S shaped line when the smartphone is reflected directly under sunlight. Lastly, the silk white color variant has a great shimmering effect using pearl powder. The OnePlus is also considered to be water resistant for the basic everyday occasions such as rain or accidentally dropped in a puddle, however the device will surely not survive that much extreme conditions. An exact IP rating for the new latest flagship smartphone the ”OnePlus 6” is still not at all available anywhere.

Coming to the software, the smartphone runs on the Android 8.1 Oreo based on the Oxygen OS version 5 that clearly means the OnePlus 6 will be the company’s first ever smartphone to be compatible with Project Treble. Well, thanks to the “project treble” support, the Qualcomm was able to provide a much early Android P Based Support package for its known partners. As a result, the OnePlus 6 users will have the access to the “Android P developer Preview 2″ exactly right after the actual launch. This is the fastest that ‘OnePlus’ has provided a software update for any of it’s new flagship smartphones and it also kind of shows that how important would the “Treble Support” is going to be in the future of the new age upcoming Phones. The OxygenOS also consists of many of the important features such as a Face unlock, gaming mode along with network beast, system dark theme, reading mode, App locker and many other great features. Not to forget, the OnePlus 6 smartphone is now officially unveiled in the Indian smartphone market. The device comes in the 6GB + 64GB and 8GB + 128GB storage variants and will be exclusively sold via the Amazon India Website starting on 22 May. The OnePlus 6 smartphone variant with 6GB of RAM And 64GB of internal storage will be costing around ₹34,999 and the variant of the smartphone with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage will be costing around RS. 39,999.

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