Saturday, February 16, 2019
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The Upcoming 6.1 Inch LCD iPhone Launching In 2018 Will Be Lighter In Weight And May Also Skip 3D Touch In Order To Get A Stronger Glass Display

Recently, a shit ton of reports and rumors that have been surfacing online says that the multi billion dollar smartphone company “Apple” is going to officially launch about three new iPhone models this year. Many of the reports on the internet are also reportedly saying that out of the three iPhone models expected to launch this year, one iPhone model will also feature an IPS LCD display, whereas all the other two models will feature very premium and high end OLED Display panels or screens. As for now, the iPhone with the IPS LCD Display is referred to as the “ 6.1 Inch LCD iPhone Model or Variant”.This is only until we get a specified name for this iPhone by apple or some industry insider.

According to a report by the famous apple news website “9To5Mac“, a very trusted and famous analyst from KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo has reportedly said that the 3D Touch Technology will not be there on the 6.1 Inch LCD iPhone Model in order to make the phone more impact resistant, much lighter in terms of overall weight and also to feature a much stronger glass display.

In addition to the existing touch film sensor, the phone will also have much thinner and lighter film sensor. It is still not known that why is this layer included in the 6.1 inch LCD iPhone Model but this layer will significantly increase the price of the touch panels by a shocking 15 percent. This 6.1 Inch LCD iPhone Model will also feature a cover glass sensor process also known as “CGR” which would make the glass of the phone significantly thinner. Some of the reports also reportedly said that almost all of the iPhone models will start using the CGS Process By Year 2019. The suppliers of the smartphone giant “Apple” might also see a bit increase in the revenue because the cost of the Cover glass sensor Process is much higher than the earlier process used for making the iPhone displays.

3-iphones-380 The Upcoming 6.1 Inch LCD iPhone Launching In 2018 Will Be Lighter In Weight And May Also Skip 3D Touch In Order To Get A Stronger Glass Display PHONE LEAKS PHONE NEWS UPCOMING PHONES
6.1 Inch LCD iPhone

These shocking reports regarding the upcoming 6.1 inch LCD iPhone model came right after the news broke out that the Smartphone Giant “Apple” is planning to launch the successor to the iPhone SE the “iPhone SE 2″ in the first half of 2018. The Famous Industry Insider Ben Geskin Also Tweeted That iPhone SE 2 Which is Reportedly Code Named As “Jaguar” Is going to be officially released pretty soon. The phone will also sport a glass case and the much wanted support for wireless charging, which is a really great news.

If we also consider the past rumors that were going around in the tech industry, the iPhone SE 2 might also sport a great 4 Inch display exactly like its predecessor. In addition to all of this, Apple might also fuse an A10 Fusion chipset into the iPhone SE 2 along with the typical 2GB Of RAM. According to some recent reports, the 6.1 inch LCD iPhone model could be sold for as little as $550 which sounds pretty unrealistic, especially considering the fact that the 4.7 inch iPhone 8 is selling for $699. Many reputed analysts have even said that this 6.1 Inch LCD iPhone Model will make up to 65 to 75 percent of iPhone shipments from Apple in the year of 2018, mainly because of the mere price of the phone and also a shit ton of sacrifices from apple to make an iPhone at such an incredibly low price which has never been seen before from Apple especially when it comes to their ridiculously overpriced Smartphones.

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