Saturday, February 16, 2019
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There Is A Hidden 120Hz Screen Mode In The Sony Xperia XZ Premium With 4K HDR Display That Cannot Be Activated

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium was considered to be one of the hyped smartphones of the year 2017 mainly because of its astonishing 4K HDR Display but in spite of such a beautiful and astonishing 4K Display, the Sony XZ Premium wasn’t able to become a commercial Hit Nor any of the smartphone critics gave good or even decent reviews to the phone. So overall, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium was a total flop for Sony, who is already struggling a lot when it comes to the current smartphone Market. But, there is still something in the Sony Xperia XZ Premium that Sony hasn’t or maybe doesn’t even care to advertise about the phone which is that the phone display supports a high frame rate mode of 120Hz, which is seemingly similar to the Razer Phone which was also Launched in the same year as the Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

Although, a shit ton of rumors has been going around in the smartphone market that the Sony Xperia XZ Premium has hidden 120Hz Screen Mode ever since the device launch in 2017 but because of the reason that in order to enable the hidden 120Hz Screen Mode it requires some serious modifications to the kernel, most of the users of the phone who are Non-Techie has not been able to activate it. This hidden screen came to everyone’s eye when various users on XDA-Developers started to use this feature and as expected the results of the hidden screen were way below our expectations.

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium has a default setting by which the display screen of the phone already supports two screen modes which are 1080p@60fps and 2160p@60fps, but the serious thing in this situation is that the hidden screen mode, which is obviously the 1080p@60fps cannot be activated at all by anyone, let alone the techies without doing some really serious software configurations on the smartphone. In order to enable the hidden screen mode on the device the user needs to revert a commit in the display panel configuration settings in the kernel source code, which is obviously not a piece of cake for the Non-Techies at all.

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Sony Xperia XZ Premium

In response to this huge backlash, the Sony’s Open Device program and the latest Android Oreo Software Update For the Sony Xperia XZ Premium have reportedly allowed the software developers who want to build a custom ROM that can easily unlock the Hidden 120Hz Screen Mode on the smartphone. A User of the XDA-DEVELOPERS community who goes by the name of uditrawat has already compiled the Latest Android V8.1 Software Update For the Sony Xperia XZ Premium which will totally support the hidden 120Hz screen mode and can be downloaded from Here.

The most interesting thing about this hidden 120Hz screen mode in the Sony Xperia XZ Premium is that many of the developers who have already tested this feature are shockingly disappointed by the performance of the hidden screen. Whereas, many of the other users are saying that the results are extremely good and there are also those people who are saying that it’s nothing but just a placebo. Well, as for now, the only thing we can hope or expect that the future updates of the phone unlocks the hidden 120Hz screen mode of the panel and also not to forget that there have been rumors going around that Android P would also support high refresh rate screens so we can definitely hope to get something exciting.

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