Saturday, February 16, 2019
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The World Famous Biometric Supplier Goodix Has Started Shipping The Optical In-Display Fingerprint Sensor For Smartphones

Earlier this month, the world famous biometric supplier goodix which have clients like Oppo, Huawei Etc, introduced its first optical In-Display Fingerprint Sensor For Smartphones with Flexible AMOLED display. This time the company has made claims that the performance of this sensor is way better than any other traditional Fingerprint Sensor in the current technology market. The goodix reader is also already used by companies such as Vivo and Huawei for their X21 and Mate RS Porsche Design Smartphones, Respectively.

Goodix are reportedly calling this new product as the ‘IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR’. This kind of name also stresses on the fact that this is the company’s first ever product of this new kind of Technology cause it also doesn’t have any model number for it. The company has also trademarked this new product as the ‘IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR’.

goodix_sensor_fingerprint_2017img02_575px-300x232 The World Famous Biometric Supplier Goodix Has Started Shipping The Optical In-Display Fingerprint Sensor For Smartphones PHONE NEWS

This optical In-Display Fingerprint sensor is placed about 1.6 millimeters below the display. The sensor unlocks by capturing the reflected Fingerprints of the users between and through the OLED Pixels of the phone. So far, goodix hasn’t officially revealed what the resolution of the sensor would be, but they have made claims that the false acceptance and false rejection rates would be less than 0.02% and 2%, Respectively. Well, this kind of resolution of a sensor means that the users will be having a very comfortable experience while using the new Sensor.

The makers of this sensor also say that the sensor comes well equipped with an Optical Stack Design and many other innovative software advancements that would enable the sensor to ensure pretty rapid captures of Fingerprint under direct sunlight and will also rapidly change its settings to suit even the minor changes in your Fingerprint in case your fingers gets too cold or too hot. Goodix have also said that its new optical In-Display Fingerprint Sensor works better and faster than any other traditional or conventional Fingerprint sensor in the market, right now. This will also significantly improve the user experience of the current modern day smartphones.

Further, the company also claims that the optical in display Fingerprint Sensor will work with both the rigid and flexible OLEDs, which clearly means that the sensor can take into consideration the lamination techniques that are used to make flexible screens.

Nowadays, almost all of the new age Smartphones which have an aspect ratio of 18:9 or even 20:9 are having a Fingerprint Sensor below their OLED Screens. In the late of 2017, another biometric supplier Synaptics introduced their In-display Fingerprint reader and marketed it in early 2018. As all the other competitors in this industry were adopting these new Fingerprint Technologies, it seems like goodix being one of the largest supplier in this industry was kind of forced to adopt this new trend, and make their own in display Fingerprint Sensor and also to meet the needs of their many clients which includes reputable smartphone brands such as Vivo, Huawei and many more.

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