Saturday, February 16, 2019
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The Alleged Leak Of Xiaomi Mi7 Front Panel Shows Ridiculously Thin Top And Bottom Bezels With A Notch On The Front Sensor

In the past couple of months, the smartphone manufacturer xiaomi has found a regular place on the rumours and leaks lists, whether it’s about the Mi Max 3 Leaks or Mi Mix 2s Leaks and rumours, somehow xiaomi unintentionally always find its place on the top of alleged rumors lists. The xiaomi leak which we got today is about the alleged leak of the Xiaomi Mi7 front panel which shows Ridiculously Thin Top and bottom bezels.

Nowadays, the thing which can be clearly seen across all the media channels is that when they don’t find anything which is at all newsworthy, they try to distract the viewers by making a tug of war kind of situation between two products or technologies and pretty much anything you can imagine and this thing especially applies to technology journalism in which you can take the current example of the Bezel Less Technologies where the 18:9 aspect ratio displays are welcomed with full heart but at the same time the notch is universally disregarded by almost everyone in the technology market.

By keeping the above mentioned thing in mind, the alleged leak of the xiaomi mi7 front panel which we are going to talk about today also features a notch on the front sensor of the phone. Although, its the xiaomi mi mix 2s which is quite regularly featured on the rumors and leaks lists, nowadays. But today we are going to talk about the xiaomi mi7.

Xiaomi-Mi7-Front-Panel-300x207 The Alleged Leak Of Xiaomi Mi7 Front Panel Shows Ridiculously Thin Top And Bottom Bezels With A Notch On The Front Sensor PHONE LEAKS
Xiaomi Mi7

As you can clearly see in the above given photo that the image on the right side is of the Vivo X21 panel which is compared with the image on the left side, which is of the xiaomi mi7 panel. If you see the above photos with full concentration, you can easily notice that the differences in Bezel thickness between both the phones are quite shocking whereas the top border of the xiaomi mi7 is a bit more thicker than the Vivo X21. But the thing that steals everybody’s attention here is the bottom side of both phones, which clearly shows that Xiaomi has put a lot of effort to reduce the bottom thickness on its Xiaomi Mi7.

Well, if we talk about the alleged specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 7, the phone will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor clocked at 6GB of RAM and will also include wireless charging. But we have also seen some screenshots of the phone showing 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Well, if these leaks and rumors are totally true, then Xiaomi is going to give some serious competition to all the other smartphone manufacturer’s out there with its Xiaomi Mi7. As for now, there is no information available regarding the launch time and pricing for the Xiaomi Mi7.

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