Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Samsung Galaxy S9+ Is Going To Be More Expensive To Make Than The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Huge load of efforts goes into calculating the costs of making popular smartphones but still most of the time, the third party companies get it wrong because most of the smartphone manufacturer’s don’t openly reveal the component costs. Plus, the market analysts also get it wrong most of the time because they rely on estimates from different sources in order to calculate the cost of popular smartphones such as the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S9+.

A popular technology blog, techinsights has done a compilation work on the cost of making of the popular smartphone models in the current Smartphone market. However, this cost comparison might not be totally correct cause it’s based on the estimates from different sources but still it’s the best cost analysis you can find in the tech market right now.
The cost analysis has been prepared by taking into consideration the various cost of the components used in making these devices, in order to conclude the manufacturing costs for these popular smartphone devices. The important thing to note here is that the cost analysis has not been changed to meet the current cost for these smartphones.

Samsung-Galaxy-S9-8-1-800x600-300x225 Samsung Galaxy S9+ Is Going To Be More Expensive To Make Than The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 PHONE NEWS
Samsung Galaxy S9+

The most intriguing thing in this report is that the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is going to be more expensive to make than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, even though the Samsung galaxy note 8 was priced at a much higher price than Samsung Galaxy S9+ at the launch. As per the reports, it reportedly costs about $380 in order to make the Samsung Galaxy S9+, while the Samsung galaxy note 8 costs only about $370 to make. If we talk about the iPhone X, it costs about $390 to make, while the iPhone 8 costs about $360 to make, which obviously makes it the lowest cost smartphone to make among the four smartphones about whom we have talked about.

According to the reports, the newest Samsung phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9+ have cheaper manufacturing costs as compared to apple’s newest phones such as the iPhone X because Samsung makes most of its own components which gives them an unfair advantage when compared to apple which procures most of its iPhone components from different suppliers, which also includes Samsung.

However, it costs much more for the smartphone manufacturer’s to make these devices because the final price of the smartphone includes many other costs such as the R&D, marketing expenses, software development costs, distribution costs, etc.

costing-300x230 Samsung Galaxy S9+ Is Going To Be More Expensive To Make Than The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 PHONE NEWS
Samsung Galaxy S9+
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