Saturday, February 16, 2019
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The Only Aim Of Light Phone 2 Is To End Smartphone Distraction

In the past or you can say during the beginning of smartphone trend, we used our smartphones only for making calls, sending messages, etc. Basically earlier the smartphone was used only for basic stuff. But now due to the rise of the internet, social media and online shopping social media, smartphones have become a way of Distraction rather than getting our work done.

LightPhone2.Notebook-300x199 The Only Aim Of Light Phone 2 Is To End Smartphone Distraction PHONE NEWS

This was the main and the only reason why the light phone was launched back in 2015, to avoid all the Distraction caused by the new generation Smartphones. But now exactly three years later, the makers of the light phone have created the second version of the light phone known as the light phone 2. The makers funded the making of the phone through an indiegogo crowd funding platform.

The Light Phone 2 is expected to come with a price of $250. According to some sources, the phone will start shipping in April 2019. The light phone 2 is exactly like the Light Phone, and the aim of this phone is only to end distraction and do only basic functions like calls, messages etc, exactly like the light phone but the only difference is that this phone will be much more reliable in terms of quality and will also support 4G LTE connectivity.

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